Yosemite Rising Challenge

May 31, 2013     12:00 AM | Friday

Support our challenge or join us to Yosemite National Park!  We will hike, climb, and even give your some outdoors training, to raise money for The Pachamama Alliance. Help us reach our goal of $5,000 in this fundraising adventure, while drawing from the power of this awe-inspiring place. 

We hope that in challenging ourselves, we will inspire you to push your limits in your capacity to support The Pachamama Alliance & our work to bring forth a thriving, just, sustainable world.  So please join us on our quest by participating in the wilderness trip or by donating!

The Trip

Yosemite Rising will be a 3-day adventure (May 31 - June 2), with different challenges that push each individual beyond what (s)he thinks is possible. Pachamama Alliance staff members Esteban, Valerie, Jessica, and Sun will lead the trip for the group, and will each have chosen a personal climbing or hiking challenge.

Day 1: Climbing Class & Challenge (Beginner & Intermediate)

We invite YOU to join for a outdoor climbing class & challenge day for beginners & intermediate climbers. No experience necessary.
Jessica will embark on her first-ever outdoor climbing adventure, after spending a month learning & training for this moment.

Day 2: Hiking & Climbing Advanced Challenge!

This will be an epic day of summiting challenges!
Esteban & Valerie will rock climb an all-day big-wall climb, the longest climb either of them has ever done.
Jessica & Sun will lead a mountain hike adventure for themselves & guest Challengers.

You can participate in thie project at various levels:

  • $25 - MESSENGER - Send a message of support to Pachamama staff that will be video recorded on the top of a mountain
  • $50 - ADVENTURER - Receive a thank you postcard from Yosemite with original hand-drawn artwork by Yosemite Rising Challgenger and artist, Jessica Kwan (plus above)
  • $100 - CONTENDER - Receive a set of 10 original landscape postcard prints from original hand-drawn artwork by Pachamama's resident artist, Jessica Kwan (plus above)
  • $200 - CHALLENGER - Join the Yosemite Rising Challenge (May 31 - June 2), and be supported in testing your limits in hiking and/or rock climbing.  All levels of experiene -- even first-time climbers -- welcome!  We will have a climbing class with an expert on Day 1, and a climbing or hiking challenge option for Day 2.
  • $500 - CHAMPION! - Be a champion for a thriving, just, sustainable way of life for all.  Be a Yosemite Rising Challenger, and/or receive a private lesson in climbing or a guided hike in the Bay Area.  Receive our unending gratitude and a special dedication in our Yosemite Rising Video. (plus above)

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Joan Harlem  
Awesome way to raise awareness for Pachamama...Great idea

Peggy Love  
Tell me HOW to become an ADVENTURER, thanks, Grandma Peggy

Brooklin Kayce  
The date of this is April 19 - 21? & what are the details if someone desired to join you? Will you have something in the summer - say August?

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